Clearing the air

Just for the record–I have never been scammed by anyone either here or on other forums. Not all experiences end up as I had hoped, but that is just life.

You are a very kind lady and I thank you again for the lovely starter set you sent me.

You are more than welcome, Lori. Enjoy reborning–that’s what it is all about. Good luck on your sales.

Thank you Jean!

I have done several transaction with you Jean, you are just wonderful and very kind. I dont believe for one second you said or did anything to anyone

Thank you Lori and Norma Jean. This is very upsetting to me. Let’s all just calm down and get back to reborning. If someone has a bad experience, tell the person involved, not the world!!!

Luv ya, Jean. Kinda want to dis the Vikings though. Is that permissible?..LOL


Jordie–you can diss the Vikings all you want. The last two games were nail biters and I think they are going to lose this week. 6-0 is not a bad start for the season, though.