CJ's Premium Reborn Doll Hair

Suri Alpaca and Mohair available through CJ’s Premium Reborn Doll Hair on Ebay. Also, feel free to email any specific or special orders to cjspremiumreborndollhair@yahoo.com. Find us on Facebook at CJ’s Premium Reborn Doll Hair. We will also soon be selling reborn doll hair on Etsy and will let you know when that is finally up.
Thank you from CJ’s :smile:


I bought some a couple weeks ago I love it!

Hmm, I may just have to buy some :wink:

Doing kid hair and fine adult today. Going to be a very busy month doing hair.


Great start for the week, special this week 1/2 oz. 20.00 and 1 oz. 40.00 made to order, kid yearling fine adult and alpaca.

Do you have the link

i just go through email and paypal and i also have a facebook page. My fb has a lot of my pics.

Not finding you?

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thats me thank you.

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I posted on your FB page on the color I would like to try .5 oz . I will message you my paypal information.

I just ordered some of this mohair. I’ll let you all know if I like it. I ordered a beautiful rusty red. it looks golden red in the photo.,

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I recently ordered some light brown. I’m looking forward to trying it.

It looks great in the pictures. I was talking to her today. She’s had so much business come in that she’s kind of overwhelmed I think. If the hair is good I’m looking forward to when she gets her pictures numbered and all that. Trying the make an order is pretty confusing right now. She seems very nice to work with though.

Yes, they have been really nice. I think it’s a father and daughter team.

How did you figure that out, Amy? I know she was saying “we” when she talked to me.

It was my daughter you were chatting with lol, i am the dad and the one behind the hair. I take great pride in my work, my fb page was only set up to let people know i was on ebay but wow everything went so fast and i apologize for any confusion. We are building an actual web site that will make things so easy. But for now we will continue the way we are just bare with us for a couple weeks please. Thank you CJS


Helen, I think o the FB posts it was mentioned, plus the name on the BB forum account is Jeremy.

@CJSPremium, I’m so glad sales are going well!

I received my order Monday ! It is lovely!

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LOL. Hi Dad. I think you two are going to have a great business there, You are the talk of the BB forum right now as far as mohair goes.