Christmas swap baby

Halfway finished painting my swap baby. So wish I could share pics but its a surprise… Rooting is going to take me the longest! I’m so slow at rooting hair! But it will be worth it in the end. Waiting for my mohair to be delivered too! Any day now!!!

Has anyone else started painting their babies yet? You can share just try to be descreet so you don’t give away the surprise

I washed mine yesterday and should get started on it tomorrow. Yeah, I am excited to do this.

I also have mine washed and ready!! Maybe I will get to start on it thursday!!!

Wash and started painting.

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i so wish i had been able to take part in this … so excited for you all … please do it next year

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I second this!

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Me three! next time i will!!

When back to an older post and it says December 1st for shipping.

So I am almost finished painting my baby! He/she is looking great! Just need to add finishing touches like eyebrows, do the nails and capillaries. So wish I could share pictures but everyone will get to see at the final reveal!!! I can’t wait until I can start rooting the hair! 6 1/2 weeks until he/ she meets their new mommy!

I already bought an outfit but will be shopping for much more! Can’t wait! That part is my favorite!!!

YES! I am FINISHED painting my wonderful baby! I am happy with how it turned out! Cant wait to start rooting. I KNOW its going to take me to the deadline to finish rooting. UGH I have a love hate relationship with rooting. I like it because its a change up and I can do it while my son takes a nap, but it just takes me forever. I love the end results and its definately worth the labour though lol