Christmas Gifts?

Anyone get dolls or dolly dollars for Christmas??? Me neither !


My husband got me a custom portrait baby of my son reborned by Lara antonucci. It will probably be the only custom baby I ever get. Maybe next year you should ask for a baby

My huisband gave me $100 to get my dollie stuff.

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I got some grapefruits maybe I should paint little faces on them lol

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  That is too funny!       

I got some cash to help me get to the Down East Doll Show in North Carolina in June - yippee!!! Anyone else going that is willing to share a hotel room and maybe a rental car so we can split costs? That way, our $$$ is able to purchase more! I am hoping to take the sculpting class taught by Sandra Maxwell. I have included the info below in case I can entice any of you to join me!

Sculpt a One of a Kind Polymer Baby with Sandra Maxwell

Two day class to be held Thursday June 21 & Friday June 22 from 8 am-5pm. There will be a one hour lunch break each day.

Maximum class size: 12
2 day class price: $275

In this two day class, students will be instructed on sculpting a 14"-16" life size preemie infant in Prosculpt polymer clay.

Supplies that are provided are a 1 lb block of Prosculpt clay, a foam armature, a cloth body and a set of eyes (if you decide to sculpt an open eyed baby). Students will also receive and take home a printed version of my “Sculpting a Baby in Polymer Clay” E-book. This book is a COMPLETE instructional manual on creating a one of a kind baby including sculpting, painting, assembling, applying hair and more!

A variety of sculpting tools will be available for use during this class but students are encouraged to bring along their favorite sculpting tools if desired.

Guaranteed a “FUN” and educational time!

Contact Sandra for any further information:

I got a new tool chest I had picked out to keep all my doll stuff in, a purse,and some pearls. My in laws gave me some money to go for ebooks. I had to work Christmas day

my daughter got me s. sullivans twins, and hubby bought me hair, needles and luminaire paint ( that paint is amazing btw) then santa (me lol) got them the cutest matching outfits. i made out pretty well