Christmas Baby Express (* Update rules and Entry information.)

This is a Christmas Exchange of completed regular BB Babies to give to members of this forum. Any member of this forum can enter you just have to commit to making one baby from the list of sculpts that you are given and send that baby to forum member that is chosen for you to make the baby for.

This is what you need to do to enter, send me a pm with your name, shipping address, and your choice of 4 sculpts that you would want as a keeper baby. No Renditions and No Realborns. Only regular BB kits.
Send through PM on the Forum to Enter
Sample Entry form

Shipping Address
Skill level : beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. (Please be as honest as possible)

  1. bb regular sculpt
  2. bb regular sculpt
  3. bb regular sculpt
  4. bb regular sculpt

Bald/Rooted/Painted should be included
Also include if you can root/paint/bald hair

Boy or girl should be a surprise.
Skin tone (Nationality) should be a surprise, the point is to allow the artist true potential to flow and shine with the baby you receive not to make the artist feel overwhelmed by trying to make the baby the way you want him or her done. Some artist make better AA babies then light skinned babies. I have noticed that my hispanic babies look better than my light complected babies.

All Entries must be made by 12:00 am (Central Time) on September 29th and I will send you the name, address, and sculpt choices of the person that you will make a baby for by September 30th.

I will have a bucket for names of those in the US that want to enter and separate buckets for those in Canada and other countries that want to enter.

All babies need to be finished and ready to ship to the person that you will make a baby for by December 15th.

My son will be drawing the names from the bucket. 1st name drawn will make a baby for 2nd name drawn, 2nd name drawn will make baby for 3rd name drawn and the last name drawn will make baby for the 1st name. This way everyone who enters will receive a baby. The names will be drawn by skill level so that each person will receive a baby that is made by someone that is at the same skill level as yourself.

I would like to include that I will be doing checkpoints to see progress in the baby that you are making. This is to insure that all babies are finished and ready to ship between December 10th and December 15th. You will send me the tracking number when you ship your baby to the recipient. I will sent the tracking number to the recipient of your package.

Please let me know if you have to back out. I do have a back up plan, everyone who enters will receive a finished baby.


I would like everyone to receive a well done baby, so please make this baby as nice as you normally would. Lets make this fun for everyone. Any questions, just ask.

Checkpoint Progress
Oct. 10th check point to see who has ordered their kits and or supplies.
Oct. 25th check point to make sure all supplies have been ordered.
November 10th check point 1st WIP
November 25th check point 2nd WIP
December 10th final check point for shipping confirmation and reminder to ship your package by no later than the 15th and send me tracking number once shipped.

I would also like you to send me a copy of your order confirmation sheet when you order your kit of the baby that you are going to make and if you already have the kit in your stash then please submit a picture of kit/supplies with current date to confirm that you have the kit that you need to make the Christmas Exchange baby. Thank you for you cooperation and lets keep this fun for everyone without any problems please.


That is the sweetest thing. I love that idea. I would love to play, but I’m not ready. :frowning: Still learning everything. Have fun everyone!!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

You can enter it is for everyone from beginner to experienced, just do the best that you can. This is great opportunity to learn from each other as well as getting advice from others to help yourself improve.


Aww that’s sweet, but I’m too scared yet! I would feel terrible getting a fabulous doll from a great artist and sending my amateur mess. Lol I’ve never even rooted or painted hair yet. :grimacing::grimacing:

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@Miss_Kitty go ahead and sign up. Everyone who signs up knows they may be getting a baby from someone who is not on the same experience level as them. And baldies are adorable! I am sure you could find a mentor who would happily critique and give you advice privately. As long as you are using quality materials and doing your best job…

Go for it girl. Swaps are so much fun!


Thank you, you said it better than I could.


Aww you guys! Let me think about it. I’m considering making all 3 of the girls dolls this year too. I may be able to get away with working on one or two WITH the big girls. I’ll see. :0) I would love to play!!

This is for others of this forum to answer. Can I participate in the Christmas Baby Express too? I am hosting it but my son will be drawing the names so that it will still be fair.


I say… Yes!!


I am waiting to see if anyone is going to enter. And I am waiting to see how many others agree with you about me being able to participate before I add my name.


On the REAL forum they matched up people as close as they could to skill level instead of just random drawing…what do you ladies think about that?


I think that’s a good idea izzy!

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I dont see why you shouldnt be allowed to enter if you want to. I think its kind of unfair to exclude you, eapecially since youre hosting it. :wink: im undecided on entering. If newbies are nervous about hair it could always be a bald baby christmas guidline and if anyone wants hair they can do it themselves whem they recieve it. Just a suggestion.


If you would rather be matched up by skill level just let me know by including your skill level beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you would rather a random drawing then let me know and I can edit to make the changes.


We already have two entries


Awe … I wanna play! Let me sleep on it though but surely I could get one done within 3 months! Especially after moving and things slow down a bit. This is such a wonderful idea. This is an awesome forum!!

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I agree go ahead and enter also :smile:

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I’m in too! I have never seen anybody else’s work in person… I’d love to do this!


This is going to be fun, we now have 4 entries.

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I will join also!