Christmas babies 2017! Post yours here!


Here is my Precious Gift, she won second place in the CORA Christmas pageant!


I FINALLY dressed up a Christmasy Baby! :wink:


Assembling my last Christmas baby tonight!
Need to touch up those eyelashes first!


Congrats on her sale!


Thank you! It was a nice surprise.


She is beautiful


So many beautiful babies! Here are a few of my Christmas babies. :blush:


Anne~that’s the cutest Grinch doll I’ve ever seen! :heart_eyes:


Thank you @GypsyRoss I had fun painting him!


You are most welcome, Anne! :kissing_heart:


Wow! Beautiful, each one of them, Karen, I’m a newbie, but also a doll collector~ your work is absolutely lovely! :kissing_closed_eyes:


I never thought of Charles as a girl but yours is really cute! All of your babies are beautiful😊


Thank you so much! :blush:


Thank you! I was going to make her a boy, but she just turned into a girl. :grin:


Updated my collage to include all of them in one spot:


Gorgeous babies, as always :sunny:


Thank you! :blush: