Christmas babies 2017! Post yours here!


all Gorgeous, js barrett! :blush:


I want this one , Angela! ( do you need my adress)? LOL! :joy:


He didn’t last an hour on eBay. Gotta love the Christmas season. That’s the fastest a doll has ever sold for me. :smile:


:frowning: Waaaaaaaaaaa! That’s really cool, Angela, I’ll imagine that was very exciting! :blush:


It was. Sales were slow this past year.


Gena kit for a custom Christmas gift.


My Very First Reborn Baby…(were’d the picture go)?


Beautiful! What kit is this?


Thank you, Evelyn, this is “Sleeping Brittany”. :blush:


Soooooo cutie! You did great for your first!!


Thank you so much, Miss Kitty! I’ll show some other pix in the showcase. :slight_smile:


Yay! Did you buy a bunch of clothes? I need more! My poor babies are boring. Next month is my reborn month! Woooooo


Y!es Miss Kitty…more baby clothes around here than babies! But man, it was sure fun shopping for them ! :joy: ( sorry it took me a minute to get back to you…I’ve suddenly developed a problem with falling asleep standing up) LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s my custom Natalie and Nevaeh twins for Christmas I don’t usually do brown eyes for newborns but that’s what she wanted.



She’s gorgeous!!


Thank you, Cindy! :kissing_heart:


Merry Christmas!


Love your grinchy baby.


Thank you!