Christmas babies 2017! Post yours here!


She sure is pretty, i love her eyebrows.


I made a separate post of her, but here are a couple of Nya, made from the Ben Schenk sculpt.


That baby is absolutely exquisite!!! Wonderful job, Karen.


Thank you, Bette! :heart:

Thank you, @vcarter! :heart:


I loveeeeee her. She is beautiful and my favorite BB kit.


Wow! They’re all beautiful!


Mine aren’t dressed for Christmas because the new “Great-Grandma” will be changing them into matching outfits. They’re gifts for her granddaughters. (Quick picture with my phone so not great quality.)



Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous baby!


I thought I added mine but I guess not.

My first Joseph. I love this kit. It painted so nicely.


Thank you!


Here are just a handful that will be Christmas morning miracles!


Finally have this one finished very pleased there was no deadline sickness throughout the house wasn’t sure it would get finished .

I can get her to suck her left thumb if I force it very hard so she is a left handed baby :smile:


Will forcing it make the paint come off?


It is sealed very well but I don’t think with her sleeping she will need the thumb lol it is just a note on how the thumb sucking thing worked for me I understood this to be one that could suck their thumbs.


We have one here that was one of my firsts that my kids picked. But we never tried to put the thumb in it’s mouth. We cut the nipple of a pacifier for her.


Yeah I have cut nipples on them and tried them on others I just was never pleased with the results so I keep looking for ones that I wont need a magnet , putty or have to cut paci’s for lol.
This is my 79th baby I have painted and out of all those I have only found a few that like pacifiers so I had hopes this one would enjoy it’s thumb.


Here are two custom babies that were just sent out just in time for Christmas… Levi and Saskia. :slight_smile:


here’s my Christmas babies all on there way hom to there new mommy


here’s my summer rain on her way to her new mommy then I will put the other
summer rain tomorrow she will be going to ebay and hope she finds a new mommy