Christmas babies 2017! Post yours here!


Xmas custom order twins


I’ve only made a couple this year. The first one (bi racial), I just listed on ebay and the second one sold about a week ago. All your babies are so cute, They put smiles on my face. Love them all. Merry Christmas everyone.


LOVE all these beautiful babies! Just think of all the JOY there will be on Christmas morning when these boxes are unwrapped! :heart_eyes:

I finally managed to take a few pics of Ana and Nevaeh separately so thought I’d share:

And finally…all together now!



The sweet little Ashley that I just did! :heart_eyes:


She’s so sweet! I just love this sculpt. I just finished mine but don’t have her dressed christmas-y and probably won’t cause she’s so little haha


Merari~ I just love this one! :slight_smile:


Caitlyn~this is absolutely precious! :heart_eyes:


iVcarter~the second one is so cute, I want it! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Karen, did I already say something about these 2? If I didn’t~ Wow! Can I have them? LOL! Love them both! :kissing_heart:


Eveyln, oh my…oh so cuuuuute! :blush:


Oh how Sweet, Patty! What a lovely bunch~ you got a very pretty Christmas for sure! :blush:


Thanks, Kim, so glad you like them! :blush: I just boxed them up today for shipping tomorrow and then I am taking a BREAK! :smile:



Thanks Kim :hugs:


Thanks so much.


Awsome!!! :slight_smile:


Those lights in the background are just perfect! Beautiful pics!


Awwwww, Merry Christmas, Karen! :blush:


You are so Welcome Merari :slight_smile: