Christmas babies 2017! Post yours here!


Just finished my last two Christmas babies for the year! YAY!!! I will take decent pics tomorrow, lighting is awful here in the late afternoon. Anyway, here are all the ones I did this year. Please post yours! :christmas_tree:


Beautiful babies!




Both are gorgeous and will make someone so very happy!!


So adorable :star2:


Beautiful babies. Here is my Shyann…



None of mine are Christmasy… lol

I dont have any Christmas clothes, or anything.

I can do a collage of babies sold during November/December though.



Some of them waited over a year to find their homes. Some were created recently, others were made for Christmas orders.





I have one that I still need to list, but I can’t find where I put his Santa hat, haha.
So here’s my keeper Katie dressed for Christmas.


Already posted mine but I will add them to the thread


A few of my keepers.


Omg, I’ve been so good with not purchasing kits this month and now I’m getting baby fever again!!! I love everyone’s babies. I’ll post some soon too.


I am LOVING all these Christmas babies, WOW!!! :christmas_tree:


I have a few I’m finishing up tonight but here are a few of mine!


Beautiful And Precious Everyone, Karen! Love! :blush:


Cute kit