Chrissy Brown or Blue Eyes?

Well, I think I am going with the blue. After her hair done, I think the blue suits her better. What do you think?


Also, if someone wanted a Chrissy kit, I do have one coming in that I would sell with the eyes I don’t use for $50.

blue, and it is cute

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does it come with the belly plate?

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No the belly plate I used is Adrie Stoete’s wrap belly. The Knoops kit is normally $69 and it comes with 3/4 limbs and the head.

I voted BLUE - I think it really ‘wakes’ up her face.


Well I gotta say that I like the blue ones best! That shade of brown is just too dark to me so the blue does look better. She is a cutie! You did a nice job with her.

I voted blue, gives her a sweeter more innocent look to me.
shes gorgeous

I Like the blue and she is adorable


Thank you all so much! Blue it is!!! I’ll try to get her lashes on tomorrow.

I voted blue. I think she is adorable.

   Hugs Tina

Lara just won a baby contest today with her reborn Chrissy. And I don’t know where she won, nor do I know where the pictures are. Anybody know?

I just bought a Chrissy kit from Lara with body and brown eyes for $66 - I think I got a deal. It will be interesting to see how she turns out - my eyes are so dark brown that my Mama said she knew they were brown when I was 12 days old - and she had 5 blue eyed babies before.

My eyes aren’t as big as Chrissy, but I do have a great niece who can compete with those saucers. She isn’t quite two.

I’d love to post pictures, but hubby is hungry and 5 days after gum surgery and losing 7 pounds (he didn’t need to lose) he will be eating the chairs at the table…

Ah, thanks, hun! It was the Reborn Help Group forthe Halloween contest. I entered her as a flower.

Gee…don’t ya just wanna pinch those cheeks…cute as a button!

Yep those cheeks are big and sweet - love her in her Halloween costume - no scary baby there - she a cutie for sure.

I’m looking forward to reborning her and she is big - I think some 0-3 months clothing may be too small - I can hardly wait to see.