Chocolate cammie- I applied only one coat of paint


I know, thanks for sharing and caring, lol :+1:t2:


not stirred but you get the idea of the color. Looking at it reminds me of chocolate.



Wow, amazing !!!


Yes amazing


Your color is beautiful, great job!!


I don’t have time to wait for 30 layers of paint to dry either. :rofl::rofl: Wow. I’m blown away… Although I’m sure if I tried this, I would miss one spot, probably right on the face, so I’d end up having to strip anyway (I have yet to make a nice AA baby). :blush:


I tried last night and it’s really hard to blend smooth any tips?


I am impressed!


You have to be really careful and be patient with blending so that you get the color even. Blend with a steady hand and apply light pressure to move the paint but not extremely hard. Once you start you will get a feel for how much pressure is needed will make a video and demonstrate how I did it. If the paint is too wet you are going to end up with an uneven color. Apply with a 1 inch mop. Don’t be afraid to apply paint and put the piece to the side so that the thinner can flash mostly off. Your paint should not be runny if it is it’s not diluted enough. The consistency should be like ink then allowed to flash while you apply paint to another piece. Put that piece to the side and start blending the first piece.


You might have your own business here with a special paint line. I’m air dry, so i’m outta luck.:disappointed:


@Satinysilke thanks for sharing your tips!


You’ll find blending of darker skin tones easier using oil-based Gamsol thinner. D ick Blick and Jerry’s carry it.


I can confirm that this works, I tried it and here’s what I learned, your paint needs to be much thicker than normal AA paint but not super thick, watch your part to make sure it doesn’t get too dry, and make sure to have a very light touch


This was just a quick blending


That’s exactly right. And I tried my method with gamisol and it is much easier to blend.


Well girls. Just add your creases and mottling as well as veins before using this method and we will not have to sit forever waiting to get color.


Can you please make a video showing your technique? Lol that skintone is beautiful :heart_eyes:


I will. Right after the Christmas rush. I promise


Did u finish her? Would love to see updated pics