Chocolate cammie- I applied only one coat of paint


Here’s a WIP of my first Cammie. I got this color using only 1 coat of paint.

I thought my customer said she wanted a darker Cammie so I mixed pyrole 02 and lip/blush reds, pthalo o2 and ultra Marine blues and genesis yellow together to make this brown. My mixture was thicker than usual and this is one coat blended really well to a smooth finish.


You did it!!! Wow


Goodness! That’s dark for 1 coat. Wow!


And to think I use a crazy number of coats just to get a pale baby… The skin is a beautiful color.


Wow, I love that color. One coat? Wont it peel/ chip being that thick?


Irs not thick at all. You can see through it. The trick was that I baked it wet.


That skin tone is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see her finished and assembled. Please be sure to post pics.


@Satinysilke What paint thinner did you use?


Mona Lisa


oh wow. how long and what temp?


Here’s an example of how I paint. I don’t have time to sit and wait for 30 coats of paint before I see color. What I do is apply the paint as seen in the picture but I do not remove the paint immediately I let it sit until the thinner has mostly flashed off and then I blend it smooth.

bake wet on 265 for 9 minutes. Veins, Mottling, creases, all done without baking. The one coat of complexion layer is applied on the top of those and the baked. Everything stays in place underneath.


Are you tricking us ? Lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s amazing!


OMG. Meanwhile we’re going through days and night of adding layers?!? LOL. That’s a great trick. Do you have more pix of your AA babies?


OMG! do you have pictures of this color??


Yes just add me on FB at Wee LittleOnes.


Yes. I will snap a pic when I get home.


No tricks just truths lol


LOVE LOVE LOVE this color!! That is amazing. I’m gonna try your method. Gorgeous!


Great coloring, I think you did beautifully!!!


Okay. Following.