Cher's mohair

Ladies i wanted to tell everyone that my mohair from Cher came yesterday and it’s beautiful! So soft. I know i will be ordering again from Cher. Thank-You again.

Oh Karen Thank You so much -I am so glad you like it !!!

I am so happy and pleased ! Can you let me know when you have dark browm please?

Plan to do up that tomorrow as I have had several requests -so tues !!!But if thats to soon just let me know when your ready and I will do up some for you -I am getting to the bottem of the barrel in hair thou and won’t get my next order till march I hope what I have will hold everyone till then !!!LOL
I am so glad that I can offer this hair to my friends here on BB and love doing the processing even thou its alot of work -I really enjoy it !!!
Thank you to all who have gotten from me !!!

No Cher, Thank-You for offering it to us. If it will be easier for you i’ll take a light brown.

Either one -how much would you like ?
But I can do you up anything you want -I am working with Daisys fleese right now and can post a pic of it un -dyed if you want and you can tell me what you need and I’ll do it up for you -takes two days -Would need to post tomorrow after noon or mon -as we have church

About how much mohair does it take for a head of hair? I am thinking the 20" dolls. I understand the larger the head the more mohair. I used some I bought months ago on one of my dolls and I have no idea how much it was. I had lost my paperwork. I now have a tool chest I received for Christmas and so hopefully I will be better organised in the future. I need some for my AI baby and some for my Asian baby and both will need to be black or dark brown. Don’t you think?

Hi Lunch Lady this fiber is (almost ) straight and roots straight or with only a very slight flip-
no real mohair is truly bone straight -these are curly haired animals -but this fiber is as straight as is comes from an angora Goat!!
If you see fiber that is compleatly bone straight it has been flat ironed and very likely over processed -wet it and it will go curly again -We can get fiber that is almost straight but its very hard to find and I always grab it up when I can !!!Thats why I am so happy with this Fiber- but even different areas on the goat are more or less curly so there is some verity in the fleese of the same goat

Crafter Jen - I have blond colors and a really nice Honey blond I think you would really like

Debra Jenkins
1/2 oz might do both if you dont root really thick
,if you do then you might want to get 3/4 or an oz- 1/2 oz is $25 shipped -1oz is $45 shipped-

Can take orders this week Ladies so tell me what ya want -I have about 10oz of this fiber left to color up -!!!

Cher i pm you but i noticed it might have not gone through. I want to place an order.

Hi Cher: I would love to try some of your mohair. What colors do you have left?

Ginnylee -I can do you up what ever you want !!! What would you like ? And how much ?

Thank so much Cher - Would it be too much to ask for 1/2 oz in brown, and 1/2 oz in red? I trust your judgement in the shades of color and I’m sure I’ll be happy. If you don’t have the red, I would be willing to let you select any nice color of blonde. And, since I don’t Paypal, or anything like that, how would you like me to make payment? I can give you a debit card number, or go old fashioned way and get a money order for you. You’re the best and I can hardly wait to try. Also, please advise me of the total for this request. Have a great day.

I PMed ya -And am working on packaging your order