Cheaper than Nuwave


Is there any cheaper ovens that I can use when I start?


got this from Walmart last year. Don’t remember cost but not expensive. Has worked great


I have used Magic Chef and Roswill ovens. They are cheaper but also a little smaller so I bake it pairs. Not a whole kit at once. But I like the glass bowls


I use the Magic chef oven too and I Love it. You can purchase at Home Depot


Do you know if an additional extender ring can be purchased for the Magic Chef? I have not been able to find one.


I’ve been using the Rosewill R-HCO-15001 Infrared Halogen Convection Oven with Stainless Steel Extender Ring. I got it for only $50 on Amazon. I had to return my first one since the bulb burnt out only a few bakes in, but the replacement is working great. Preemie and newborn kits all fit. Bigger kits need to be separated into two bakes.


Mine came with it. I think I still have it… put up. I will look when I get home.


I bought the Amazon Rosewell one too. I was apprehensive since people were saying theirs quite right away. I have been using mine pretty regularly for almost a month and is working great! But I do have to do my Newborn in 2 bakings. I am using it in my camper and there is absolutely no odor!


If you live in the US and want to buy my extender ring let me know. Just PM me


I’ve been using my cheap Rosewill oven for the past 2+ years with no issues. However, I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Nuwave because the Rosewill is considerable smaller and its like putting together a puzzle trying to get a whole kit to fit lol.


My first oven was a glass dome cheap one. It worked very well. However, please take extreme care with them. I had one on a round, low stool and one day my cat got startled by the dog and some how they knocked the stool over. The glass bowl EXPLODED into thousands of tiny shards and had to spend an entire day trying to clean them all up- some as small as slivers.


Thanks for the warning.
My nuwave has been my problem oven. lol.
It’s dome cracked on the 2nd or 3rd bake and just got worse… I quit using it. When I just replaced the dome and took the old one off all the places that the heating element attaches to the dome at have broke off and were breaking into tiny little chunks the size of pencil erasers (the ones on the end of pencils)… so I had to clean up tons of chunks before being able to put the new dome on.


Mine too, I just slightly melted My dolls head last night with my rosewill one trying to set the varnish. My thermometer never went above 269. So now I have to buy an entire new oven to get another extender ring to avoid this from happening again argh!


You should be able to buy just an extender ring for the Rosewill. I got an extra one for my Rosewill off Amazon. It was less than $20 I think.


Is this the Rosewill oven you guys are talking about?


Yep that’s the one I own. I bought another one, I ordered the one with the digital panel this time. I highly recommend a second extender ring.


My Magic chef looked just like that.
My Rosewill is digital but goes up in dumb increments of 25°. So I have 250° or 275° no in between., so I have to pay attention to it on the inside thermometer I put in.
I do 275° for 8 minutes and it seems to cure correctly


Thanks guys!


Is this the one your talking about?


That is good to know!