Chase by Bonnie Brown spam


I know I just posted a big spam of babies but there’s too many pics of Chase, I couldnt add him to that post hahah.
Hes such a lovely kit, huge props to Bonnie!
If anyone is wondering he is rooted with Susan Nagel mohair
The perfect lil peter rabbit outfit is made by Nadia Collette from “Earthbound Babies” (She also makes reborns), she has a FB page if anyone wants to check her out :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!! :heart:


He is all-out AMAZING!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That hair!! :heart_eyes:


He’s beautiful! The rooting is amazing and those fingernails are just perfect!


Beautiful!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He is incredible!! I wish I could paint and root that well!!! AMAZING


Thank you especially for the fingernail compliment! I’ve been trying SO many different finger nail mixes and I was finally happy with this one, so I’m glad you noticed! :rofl::heart:


Thank you so much everyone!!! Im so glad you love him, im really happy with this lil guy :slight_smile:


He’s absolutely perfect!!


Gorgeous !


BEAUTIFUL! :blue_heart:


I can’t seem to figure them out on my own, so I always appreciate good fingernails in reborns, haha.


Just love him!


He is gorgeous, looks like a nice sized baby, love those chunky rolls on his legs


I’m in love <3


He is absolutely precious!!!


WOW!!! What a little angel! Amazing work.


Adorable and lovely photos!


What type of hair did you use? Kid, yearling? Straight, wavy?


Beautiful baby, perfect nails, gorgeous rooting! And to top it off, awesome pictures. What camera do you use?