Charlie at the park


Charlie and I had fun at the park today.


He really liked the swing.




Very cute!


Thank you. I really like this kit and haven’t seen too many of him.


Is that Morris Toner?


How sweet, love it !!


Yes, it is.


Did you see that Morris Toner that was on reborns dot com before? He looked just like Ed Asner. Someone who posts here made him but I can’t recall who it was.

found it


I did see him. I thought he was really cute. Ed Asner? LOL


How cute! Seems that he enjoyed his day outside so much!


This is so precious! I just love the pics you took. They look just like a baby in the swing, etc. You do great work!


Thank you. I’m not really good at photo shoots but there’s more options with a bigger/older baby.