Chalky Baby


I need help. I just stripped all the paint off my doll parts. They looked very chalky. I have read some posts as to why this is happening.
I don’t think I am mixing the paint too thick. I am using the Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner. Could it be from this thinner?

Any help as to how to proceed will be greatly apprecitated.
Thanks in advance for your help.


I feel like I pounch a lot. I use a cosmetic sponge. Do you think I maybe have some bad paint thinner? Or should I keep pouncing and drying my sponge until the leg/arm is nearly dry itself?


I have never had much success with anything other than odorless mineral spirits as a thinner, but that’s just me.
I did try the Mona Lisa once, and it made the paint mix up “gummy”.

Try thinning down the paints until it looks thin like skim milk, stir the paints each time you dip the brush in to mix it up, as they settle fast, and pounce it on well. Then take a soft brush to “dust” off the paint in the chalky looking spots.


It sounds like you may not be baking it long enough or hot enough. This will cause the paint to chalk. It is hard to say at this point what is going wrong. I just switched to Mona Lisa thinner because I have read on several posts that it doesn’t evaporate or flash-off as fast as other thinners do. The lighter your skin tone the more you will notice a chalky residue on your vinyl especially if your oven isn’t hot enough. I always play it safe and use a thermometer because sometimes your oven’s built-in one isn’t always the correct temperature. Always keep your paint an inky (thin) mixture as well.


Thank you for all your comments. I will buy an oven thermometer and go from there.