Celeste kit has a smell

I received my Celeste kit today, as I am sure many of you have. I noticed a strange smell on her, and have never had this before on any of the other kits. Has anyone else noticed this? I guess the smell will go away as I paint and bake.

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Mine should be here either Monday or Tuesday. I never had a kit that the vinyl smelled from BBs. Only the fake kit that came from China it was grey an smelled awful. I hope they are not letting China make there kits. I noticed a few on preorder that are being produced in China. I wish the sculpters would produce is the USA maybe open up a factory that only produces vinyl kits. Would create jobs here instead of giving it to China. So I will let you know when I get mine how the vinyl is. I can’t wait to see this kit.

It would be nice if the kits were made her, but we know why. I ordered a 2nd of Celeste, and there is absolutely nothing I can see wrong other than the part that goes into the bodied-don’t remember what they are called. Sometimes they are not shaped right or have ridges-guess that is considered a not perfect. I’ve only ever gotten one 2nd that I wasn’t happy with, but I was able to fix it anyway. I’m just going to air out my kit for a while and see if that helps. Let me know if your kit has an odor.

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My first “New” Juliet kit had an awful smell. Contacted BB, they sent a new one and provided shipping label to send other back. I also got a ChloeDebbie Degraff that was horrible smelling from dealer in US. They said they had several complaints. Unfortunately had a customer waiting for her, so I continued to work on her, could not send back. Smell went away eventually. Gave me headaches though :frowning: I would NEVER buy a Chinese kit, it rips off sculptors and there is NO WAY of knowing what they are making these kits out of.

Maybe BB can address this- I thought they said awhile back that some of there kits are made in China- but I may be mistaken.

I thought all BB kits are made in China.

I’m not sure where there made but Celeste came yesterday an your right the vinyl smells really bad. She is so cute though. I’m kinda nervous about curing her though. I’m gonna soak her in this baby bath cologne. It has like a lavender smell maybe that will take the smell away.

Be careful, Leslie, the cologne may have some oil in it. You’d probably be better off putting the parts in a bag with baking soda to pull the odor out.


What about baking soda? Maybe placing the kit and a box of baking soda in a tote with a lid for a couple days. It works for the refrigerator, maybe this to.

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When I got my Celeste, and the odor was so strong, I decided to let the kit air out, now after 3 days it doesn’t smell as bad. The inside of the kit still smells alittle, but I’m not ready to start painting yet so I think by the time I’m ready the smell should be gone. Like I said before I have never had a kit have an odor like that.

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Shoot, I kind of wanted to order her…Not a huge fan of the mouth though. Kind of reminds me of a cat when it goes into a trance and if you have ever seen that you would know what I mean. Anyway does the kit have a mildew smell? That would really worry me for mold down the road.