Celeste goes home

Well, I sold my Celeste. I didn’t charge much as I don’t think she is representative of my work. At least now somebody will love the poor little thing, LOL. :blush:


congrats :slight_smile:

YAY! Congratulations! :stars: :dancers:

YAY! So happy for you!

Congrats Helen!

Thanks pals!

That’s awesome Helen! As hard as I try… I can’t get over the mouth. Cute only with a paci IMO. If I made one I would of glued a paci permently in her mouth… And that would of defeated the point of the challange, but that was my best idea! Anyway… CONGRATS!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Lololol! Nikki you’re so funny!

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Congratulations Helen! I really like your Celeste. IMO you should charge more for your dolls. They’re certainly worth more.

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A couple of the people who have made her have done a stunning job of making the mouth look sort of sweet. I was definitely not one of them. My family affectionately call her “the leech” baby. I really wish I had left her with closed eyes and made tinier spit bubbles. She looks kind of like she isn’t feeling well. It makes me hug her though…

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I don’t think it’s the tongue that’s the problem. It’s the lower lip and the crevice in the chin.


Lmaolmaolmao I would be afraid a alien would crawl out at any time disguised as Sigorney Weaver! Lmao If I did the challange I would of kept the body and sold the head on eBay ie. Jeffery :scream:

I’m with Jean!!! Totally Helen!

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I’m afraid that’s what will happen with mine…she’ll be living here FOREVER…I was soooo excited to do the challenge, though! I’d never done one before and in reality, she was a great kit to work on, no problems at all with paint or vinyl or anything like that. It’s just that mouth…

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Yup! Lolololol

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I totally agree that it’s the lower lip and chin. That chin cleft is like the grand canyon. I have one myself, but not like that!

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Congratulations, Helen!!!

Thank you, dearie!

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