I got to go see my granddaughter, Catherine, over the weekend!!! Had a great time. I can’t believe how much she changed in those few months. She is so alert and active, almost sitting up and can stand up with a little help even if she is only 3 and a half months old. She has lost most of her hair in the front and worn off a ring in the back wiggling so much so the poor baby is half bald! She has learned to smile and tries so hard to talk. She loved it when I just cooed and talked “baby talk” gibberish to her. She’d listen and then talk back to me. A real conversation …I’m just not exactly sure what we were saying!!!

Went for a long hike down to some little waterfalls at the state park. Farthest I’ve walked in years and a lot of stairs (which are hard on my bad knee and back) but it was worth it to get to go there again. Of course, Caitlyn and I waded in while the others watched (my husband, my son and his girlfriend (Catherine’s mom), my other daughter, my older two’s stepbrother, my ex-husband and his wife and Catherine. I tried to get someone to bring Catherine down to the water but no such luck. No one trusts my balance since I fell a few years ago including me. Not going to take a chance of dropping her in the water or on the rocks!

I can’t resist getting wet even in winter. At the Christmas parade, we always take a change of clothes and go in the ocean right before the parade. Only about waist deep on the waves…now it’s a family tradition. One little boy asked Caitlyn if her mom knew she was getting wet. She pointed over to me standing in the water a little ways away and said “yes, she is too!!!”

Anyway, tired and sore today and back home and posting away to make up for lost time! Finishing up on one Caleb today hopefully giving him magnets and a body. Missed having the baby to sleep with last night. I take her at night down there except for a few feedings to give her mommy a break. Her daddy wakes up long enough to take her from me, hand her to her mommy and then brings her back when she’s done. So nice to get baby snuggles!


DJ, you are so fortunate! My little Catherine is in KY and I’m in NH…I get to see her about every 6 mos., and we talk on the phone; she’s 3 already! I can only imagine the love of snuggling with the baby at bedtime, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Your Catherine is beautiful I wanted THAT kit when I first saw her!!LOL


I think we NEED a Catherine kit…and, of course, a Sophia kit, too.


I understand the snuggles are the best! I kept the grand baby and two foster grand girls. My Carlee did not want to sleep with me last night for the first time when I kept her it was so sad. ?But I got every hug and kiss and cuddle and laugh I could when she was awake. We have a 19 yr old who has some mental issues and she even gave me a few hugs and a peck on the check.


I don’t have foster kids but I have all the neighbor kids that have grown up here and some have needed another “mom” in their lives. Thankful there are people like you who open their homes to kids with no one. Thanks for being there for them.