Carrot top Paisley UPDATED PIC IN FIRST POST … ery/Patty/

I LOVE IT!! I love redheaded babies. This did look a lot darker before you rooted didn’t it? I wish I had some that color.
she’s very very pretty.

Would you like to sell some of that?

I will let you know if I decide to. I only dye to supply myself with mohair but if I decide to sell what I have left of this I will let you know. It is enough to do 1 more head, about 1/10 of an oz.

Paisley looks wonderful with red hair. So natural! I love her! Can’t wait to do mine.

The color looks so natural. Looking forward to seeing her finished.

Yes, I love it. She looks wonderful.

That color of hair looks PERFECT on her!!! She will be such a cutie!!!

Hey she came out really cute with that hair!!!

Thanks! But I totally understand if you don’t want to sell it. Lol

Updated pic in first post.

I love her!!! She is just perfect with that red hair! Paisley is one of my all time favorite sculpts!!!

She’s very pretty! Her eyes go so well with that dress.

Thanks! Here’s her photo album … ery/Patty/

Oh, she’s sooo cute! LOVE the red hair and blue eyes!

all i can say is she is just beautiful, the hair and her coloring are perfect, very very nice i love her


She is my favorite paisley! FAVORITE!!

She really dose look very natural as a redhead The blue dress goes fantastic with her hair and eye’s