Care package for Kali- updated


Hi friends. A lot of us are wondering about Kali Ledbetter.I don’t know exactly what is going on with her right now. But I know her health issues are really bad. She and her husband have been trying to stay positive for those 6 precious kids of theirs. @dinokc and I were talking. We think it would be great to send her a care package to let her know how much we care about her. If you want to send a little something, send it to Donna (@dinokc.) She can give you her address. Or you can donate through PayPal. We would love to get her a tablet. As it is, she and her husband share one phone. So when she’s in the hospital, she has no was to communicate with anyone. A tablet would be helpful. Also, probably things like a visa gift card and fast food cards. I don’t know what they have near her. But the hospital should be in a big enough town for fast food places. Maybe it would be helpful for her husband to be able to grab McDonald’s food for the kids while he’s out visiting her. And if she’s just at home, it would still be great for him to be able to grab fast food for the kids. Donna also suggested things like fuzzy socks. And we both think as many get well cards as possible would be awesome. Anything to lift her spirits! Please share ideas here. Let’s get something going for her. If you want to donate money or goodies, that would be great. But if you can’t afford that, please just send a card. She loves cards. I sent her one a while back and it made her day. :heart:


I’d be more than happy to contribute something. I just gotta figure out what.


Has anyone been in touch with them recently?


Nope. I tried sending her a Facebook message. She never read it. I also sent one to her husband. He hasn’t read his either. But I think he gets on Facebook more than she does. Also, he just posted random posts a few days ago. I would think if things were critical with her, he wouldn’t be posting random stuff. So that gives me hope. Btw…it’s not uncommon for her to go lots of days without reading messages. She will eventually log in, I hope.


Do you know which state she is in without giving out too much information. I understand how hard it can be and food is something everyone needs. I’d be happy to send food gift cards if I knew what was around her. Or I can doncozy socks for sure. We have a great store here that had a bunch they are clearing out.


Also- do you feel it would be appropriate to send a little something for the kids? I don’t know their ages but when I was sick little care gifts made my younger brothers feel better too. I’m sure they are worried about their mom. Maybe a little candy or small toys/soft animal.


I have a tablet I’d be happy to donate if someone can help cover shipping? I’m in Canada. The tablet is a Galaxy Tab Elite, it’s been used maybe 10 times. I still have the box. Just let me know if that helps!!


She’s in Michigan. Her town is small. But there are larger towns nearby. I’ll see if google maps can tell me what food places there are around there. And yes! I think it would be awesome to send stuff for the kids. I was trying to think of something fun but small, but don’t know what. Slime and card games game to mind. I don’t know their exact ages…but approximately 6-13. Candy sounds great!


@beck that sounds great. I’ll paypal you some money. I guess we need to find out how long and how much shipping would be though first. From my experience, it does seem things get from Canada to US quicker than they get from US to Canada…and certainly quicker than from Canada to another part of Canada. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you’re completely right, lol!! I will find a little box today and see how much shipping would be!!


I’ll PayPal you to help with that shipping amount.


I made a Paypal Pool so that any donations by paypal can be made there.


Thank you @dinokc I just sent over some money! Not much but I’m sure it will help more than nothing :heart:


No contribution is small. Everything helps. Thank you so much :blush:


Thank you for sharing the link! The items I’m sending may take a little while because we are currently experiencing a mailing delay due to a big snowstorm.


May I ask what exactly is wrong with Kali? Not being nosey just curious since hospitals have rules about certain things being in certain areas of a hospital. So depending on what people want to send maybe they won’t let her have there. Just a thought.


I will only post what she has shared here. Part of that is chemo treatments. There was a thread where she talks about this posted somewhere here.
I’m not that sure of what all would be useful for her or her family, but I did find this link on some ideas.

Even still you can’t go wrong with cards.


Cancer. Don’t quote me on details, but here’s how I remember it. It started with a brain tumor. I know she’s had at least one brain surgery. She goes back and forth to doctor appointments all the time, and occasionally ends up being hospitalized. The last time I talked to her was the middle of December. She was home. The kids has been dealing with strep. She was trying to paint a doll kit finally. But she also had an appointment that day to check for tumors in her kidneys and liver. I don’t know how that appointment went. I hope and pray she’s okay and is just busy with those kiddos. She tries to stay positive. But no matter what the results of those last tests were, she has a lot on her plate! 6 kids are a lot for a healthy momma, much less a momma who is fighting to stay alive. She needs encouragement. So do her kids and husband. I would love for her to receive a bunch of personal cards from as many of us as possible. She may not open the box for a month. That’s how she was with her layette box. But just knowing it was there excited her. She was so happy when she finally got to open it. :blush:


Hi everyone,
The tablet @beck donated has made it here. I’ll be putting together remainder of all items next weekend and shipping off then. I’ll post everything here once I have it together. Remember cards are great too. I’m sure she would just be happy to know we care.
Thanks :blush:


Just wanted to keep everyone updated. I am waiting on a pkg from someone else that was already mailed off, so I will be mailing out Kali’s box next weekend in order to give it time to arrive, so that it all goes to Kali in one box. I’ll use what is on the PayPal to help purchase a food giftcard for her kids. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: