Can't hold it any longer! Got my 1st PROTOTYPES!

Oh wow that is great!! Good luck!

Wow! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! You have nothing to be worried about; your babies are always gorgeous!

WOW Fab…Congrats…

that is great,

I am not at all surprised. You have an outstanding talent. Can’t wait to hear more details!


That is awesome! You will do a wonderful job!

Celebrate - - Good Times - - Come on !!!

But we shouldn’t be surprised - your babies are beautiful. And you will reborn equally beautiful prototypes.


That is wonderful! So well deserved! Can’t wait to hear more details on who and when!!! Whoo-hoo!!! You know i will ALWAYS be one of your biggest cheerleaders no matter how gosh-darn famous you get!! lol…
Love ya, girl!!!

What a thrilling opportunity and it is great that you are so excited. Would it be wrong to hope that we will get the first peeks at these new babies?

Oh wow! Congrats! Don’t be nervous your work is awsome. The artist obviously saw that or she wouldn’t have picked you. Can’t wait to see them. I don’t like surprises. The suspense is gonna kill me.


how awsome is that congrats but not a surprise as you have showed in the last auctions you certainly deserved this one. good luck


That’s my girl!!! Congratulations!!! I am SO PROUD of you!!!
How many times did I tell you someday you would do a prototype???
Many,many times Since baby # 1…and you laughed at me.
I can’t wait to see…I know you will do a beautiful job.

Congratulations …that is fantastic!!!

That’s awesome!!! I’m so excited for you!! I know they’ll be beautiful. You do such amazing work that I am positive they will turn out perfectly!

Congratulations Fab, I’m so excited for you, you’ll do a beautiful job.

 Hugs Tina

Well deserved and how EXCITING!!! Congrats Crystal !!!

That’s super!! Can’t wait to see them.

Oh my GOODNESS!! Isn’t it so exciting!! Big CONGRATS for you!! I can’t wait to see them. I just LOVE all of your babies! Hugs, Chelle.

Congratulations to you! I’m sure they will be gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear details and see pictures of them when you can show us! Way to go, girl!