Can you help?

I am not normally one to ask for favors, but here goes…a couple of weeks ago, I went to a yard sale at a mental health facility…Cleveland Mental Health and Mental Retardation…(if you need the phone # to make sure this is legit, just let me know) anyway, I was talking to one of the counselors there, and telling her about my reborns…I just happened to have one in the car, so I went and got it out to show her…well, one of the ladies (patients) came up and layed her head on my arm and kept saying…Baaaaaay…o…Baaaaaay, so I asked her would she like to hold my baby doll…OMG…you would have thought I had given her a million dollars…she was so careful with the baby…she went around to everybody there saying “look me…look me…me baaaay…” over and over…and she kept kissing the baby…I was so touched that this baby would affect her so strongly…so, I asked the counselor about her family…maybe they could afford to just help with the cost of kit, and body…then I could make her one for Christmas…well, she doesn’t have a family…she was abandoned at birth…and she lives with others with Down Syndrom in a group home…I told them I wanted to “adopt” her for Christmas…I want to make her a baby and give it to her…but there are three others that live in the group home with her, and after talking to the counselor, they also “love” babies. I told her I would check with all my reborner friends to see what we could do. I would love to be able to adopt all four of these ladies for Christmas…but I can’t afford to do it without help…that’s why I am putting this out here…if any of you have a kit and a body that you could donate, I would so appreciate it… if you can paint the kit that would be great…I will take care of the weighting, and the clothing…so it wouldn’t cost so much for you…if you don’t have time to paint the kit…if you could just send the kit and body, I can paint it…either way, you would get credit for it…(or maybe you have a baby that is already completed you don’t couldn’t sell/don’t want?)

and I have been invited to the groups Christmas party…so, I will be taking pics of the ladies opening the babies…and I would take pics of your “baby” with your adopted mommy…and send them to you

anyway ladies, I know that most people at Christmas time want to “adopt” a child to give gifts to, but these women are children, just stuck in women’s bodies…anyway …I would appreciate it more than you can know…this is weighing heavy on my heart…

so, please pray about it, and if you feel led to help, please let me know

girl or boy???

doesn’t matter…either one will be fine…all are caucasian ladies except one who is AA

PM’ing you.

I worked in a group home for over 6 years most of the ones in my home were teenege boys…

i would love to help!!

i have a snookie face berenguer kit i can send you. when do you need it by? I can paint it for you but wont be able to start till after nov 7th. the kit does come w/ a body but it is a berenguer body. i also have an un opened 1/2 ounce of ruby red mohair… I don’t know if i will have time to root it but maybe someone here who wants to help but doesn’t have an extra kit can offer to root:)

I have a BB Tabatha that I can donate but probaby will not have time to paint it. I don’t think I have a body for her either but I will look. What a wonderful thing that you are doing!!

I don’t have a kit, but I could paint and root one that omeone else doesn’t have time to.

wow, you ladies are the absolute best…

at this point, I already have four ladies willing to donate…I will update post with their names when I get the response pm’s

thank you so much…I knew I could count on y’all

If you need a body or outfit let me know I will make them for you.

I have an AA reborn that I would be willing to donate or I could adopt the AA lady. She is already completed. Let me know hugs Debbie

Wow you ladies are so giving. I sitting here in tears. May God bless you all in some special way.

If you have not heard from her she told me to tell everyone she is probably flooded in. She lives on a river here in Texas and it was to peak last night. i am a close friend so as soon as I can get her on the phone I will tell her.

i have carolyn’s address if you need it to send the box out to her.

Im ready to mail mine have the address but I am waiting on the ladies name and the name she wants to name the baby lol. Carolyn said she was going there today or yesterday to find out. I have her address if anyone needs it. email me at hugs Debbie

When you get all the donations sorted out let us know what you still need. I can get stuff too. Just let me know what is still needed to complete the babies. I can send clothes, parts what ever.

oh man, I am in tears just reading this. Abandoned at birth That is heartbreaking. Bless your heart for being so thoughful.
Those will be 4 of the most cherished and loved reborns ever.
Maybee I could donate some fake formula bottles for them? karen

I have a done baby if you want it. Just give me the address and I will send it.

What do you still need? Sorry I didn’t see the post until now.

I have a tayla kit i can donate includes the body and eyes. But i don’t think i will get a chance to reborn her right now.