Can you believe Alayah is 10 months old already?


Well ladies here are Alayah’s 10 month pictures. If any of you get tired of seeing these every month just let me know and I will post under off topic. I just keep positing on this one because I have been asked to.
Alayah turned 10 months old last Friday. I can’t believe it has already been 10 months sense this little cutie came home from the hospital.


The camera sure loves that baby (or should I say young lady)
I think she enjoys those photo shoots,and I like seeing them


she just gets cuter and cuter,love the way her personality comes out…love compairing them each month/


Just when I think she cant get any more adorable she does!!!

She is always dressed so darn cute to !!!


she is adoreable…still no teeth?


She is the most stylish baby! It’s neat watching her grow. She’s so adorable!!


She has to be the most photogenic baby I’ve ever seen! She knows just what to do in front of a camera.

I keep wondering when she’s going to get some teeth. My kids were late getting teeth too. Our dentist always said that kids who are late getting teeth usually have really good teeth. It could be true since all my kids do have nice teeth.

She is adorable.


Carolyn - she just keeps getting cuter and cuter each month!!! That is definitely an angel you guys have there! Keep those pics coming!


Such a shame this little gal has never had her picture taken! LOL! She is really a performer for the camera! I bet no coaxing is required!


Aww thanks ladies. I am glad you like seeing the pictures. Once she turns a year old we wont be doing the pictures every month like we re not though because it aint cheap lol. I think it will be nice for Alayah to be able to see how she changed each month but after the first year I think we will be cutting back to about every three months.

You are correct Denice, No teeth yet. All three of my kids were toothless till they were 1 yeat and 1 month old so I guess she is taking after our side on that one.
Here little panda outfit’s are from Gymboree and our favorite set is the skirts with the boots.


She is beautiful!!!
and she looks like a very pleasant happy baby.


Just so sweet and a photographer’s dream. I too enjoy seeing her grow. She is a happy baby!!


the close up with the big smile and her little gums showing. should be
made into a doll. just love it. rosemarie


Awww, she is so sweet Carolyn, I just love all the little outfits you find for her. Isn’t is amazing how much these babies change in a years time, my 2 grandbabies are 8 & 9 months old, turning into little rug rats and curtain crawler they are!!


She is so adorable!! I always love seeing her new pics! I absolutely LOVE the panda outfit!! She is definitely one photogenic beauty!


She is soooo beautiful , I just love her happy little face.

       hugs Tina


She is so beautiful!


she is so beautiful, i enjoy seeing her pic’s every mo and hope you keep posting picks as she grows when you can, i have to agree with the others about her wardrobe i bet she is one of the best dressed babies in the us. and i think she knows it, she is a perfect photo model ,



She is absolutely adorable and she does have the cutest clothes!