Can these paints be useed


If so, how would I iuse them? Do I use the distilled water n the slow dry?


I don’t know if they can be used on vinyl. I haven’t heard of them before and can’t find any information regarding pigment load and UV rating. Liquitex Professional Soft Body paints work really well and don’t need a lot of special mediums. This is my most recent baby done with Liquitex.


She’s adorable. Will you be using liquitex to paint all your babies?


Thank you. She’s my soft bodied Max. I do use Liquitex to paint all my babies. I really like them.


Ok, thanks. I’m gonna research them and go from there. I’m tired of heating the kits. Have you made any ethnic babies with them?


Not yet, but I’d really like to do Asriel asleep if the kit’s still available when I have the money.


I have that kit n the brynne kit. I’m waiting before I attempt to do either one of them. I want them the be enthnic.


All of these are Liquitex Babies! @Msmimi04


Ohhhh ok, nice. Thanks for sharing.


Coloring looks great with liquitex, how is drying time? I have only used the genesis heat sets and the baking off and on can be a pain at times plus I have recently been having many sinus/ allergy issues. Had a series of surgical procedures for sinus issues last week and trying to minimize environmental factors. Was considering switching to something different for my reborning as well.


I start with the head and by the time I paint the last limb the head is ready for the next layer.


I live on the beach and my drying time varies so I wait at least an hour between milky layers. For cure time I give it a month.

You do know that going from GHSP to air dry is a big learning curve. Some just can not get it but keep it up and ask questions when you get in a bind. I am not an expert but I will help. There are a few ladies that I have learned from @jeanhai being one of the experts. But we all do things a little different. I have finally found what works for me, now I am refining my painting skills.


Great job


She’s so beautiful! <3


Thank you @Toutlaw
@Msmimi04 I use the Primary Method normally but not for the Colorful Alternatives, lol!


Oh ok, thanks. I’m looking for sets of paints. Also gonna try these baby fx paints I’ve been holding on to, eventually.


I’ve heard Baby FX paints are awesome! I wish they weren’t discontinued. Good Luck!


Thank you. I brought them from some one right before they were discontinued. Been holding on to them, like they gold, lol. Gonna test them on some limbs when I get a chance.


Can’t wait to see what you think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hubby said I should have been using them.