Can"t post pics >>>>help

how the #%* do you post pics ? i’ve cut the size of pics all the way down…and still getting pics to big message. please help… sage

Me three!!! Can somebody PLEASE help!!! I am so frustrated I have cried!
Thanks in advance

Until a few months ago, we did not allow any file uploads at all. The common solution was/is to load your pictures up on a photo sharing website such as PhotoBucket, and then just link to the pictures from here.

Now we allow some photo uploading, but it is limited. There is a maximum 256 KB file size limit imposed.

Note: there is a BIG difference between the (kilo)byte size of a file, and the number of pixels of a picture. They are only very indirectly related. Thus, the maximum KB file size limit can be hit with very “tiny” pictures, while simultaneously it might not be hit with very “large” pictures. It’s the number of bytes in the file that counts-- not the number of pixels in the picture.

You can avoid all of that, though, by posting to PhotoBucket instead. And then from here just linking to your pictures. And for the first several years of the Bountiful Baby forum, that was the only option available.

Also, for the curious, we do not even host our own pictures. Whereas the domain is hosted here, on our own equipment, go take a look at where all of the pictures on our website are really hosted. You will see that they are hosted on (note the trailing “.us” instead of “.com”). Now check the IP address of, and compare it with the IP address of They are very different.

In other words, our own pictures on our own website are hosted somewhere else, too.

These decisions were made years ago in order to save on bandwidth into our office/warehouse. It keeps our costs lower.

Bountiful Baby

Thanks for the reply…I understand what you are saying (I think), but after posting on PhotoBucket I still couldn’t get my pix to “take” at BB. It is me, I know that, and once I “get” it, I will “own” it…it is just getting from here to there!
So.,…I will go find Photowhatever you called it in the post and see if that helps.
I REALLY do appreciate that you took the time to answer me and all of us here, that is really nice, and part of why I like this business so well…my checkbook is not fond of you tho! LOL

What just worked for me to post photos in here was I just used this from Photobucket…

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