Can someone tellme what size eyes go in the new Berenguers?

I have a couple of the new Kmart Berenguers I am going to have a go at here and was wondering if anyone that has reborn them can remember what size eyes they take. I didn’t want to tear mine apart yet to find out but want to place an order for the eyes soon so I have them when I am ready to do them.

Thanks! Probably will go 18MM then. Most of the time bigger eyes look less spooked eye syndrome. LOL

i just order a bunch cause i didnt know size, i got 14 for the one with the smile face cause the eye were so small. boy i hope they fit

Oh boy, have you ever seen how tiny a 14MM eye is? They fit the tiny Lucas that are about 12 inches long. Can you call and quick stop them from sending out your order?

18mm will not work. I used 16mm in mine and I cut slits in the sockets to give them a little extra room because they are a tight fit. If you measure the eyes, they are technically 15mm which you can’ t find. So you can either use the 16mm and they are just a big snug or you can go down to the 14mm and might need to stuff a little poly fill behind them to make those fit snug enough.

If you look on Doll Dreams site she sells the 16MM glass eyes with the bigger iris so the 16mm wouldn’t look bad at all using them. Just a tad spendy though.

They look nice too. I like them. I have a pair here that is a bit darker I am going to be using in mine. I love the really dark eyes