Can someone tell me what color mottling layers go with which sponge?


Can someone tell me which sponge in the pictures go with which mottling layers??


I would say It really depends on your preference. Most of us used a tweeted wedge.


Tweezed *


i have a few that i made myself with a cosmetic wedge but i saw a set of these sponges on sell at hobby lobby and was wondering which one is used for the purple, red, and blue mottling layer.


I use my tweezed wedges for all of my mottling colors.


I use a sea sponge cut in pieces but tack sponges are supposed to work well, too.


When I made my first 2 babies I used seas sponges but I found they created a splotchy baby rather than little “circle” mottle marks. Then I learned that not many people use sea sponges anymore. Most people pluck their own shapes from the firm wedge-shaped makeup sponges. I use honey-comb tack sponges as well as my collection of plucked sponges.


Part of being any kind of artist is trying different techniques and seeing what works for you. Everyone develops their own favorite colors and ways to apply them. And that’s just the beginning! There are lots of people on here who are willing to help, but there is no right or wrong way to do this.
Creating beautiful dolls is fun, but you are going to have to figure out a lot of what you want to do on your own.
YouTube has some good videos where you can see what other people do as they paint a reborn, but no one can tell you exactly what to do to get a baby to look the way you think a baby should look to be realistic.
BB sells test limbs and they very often have kits on sale for low prices. Maybe you could get one and try different colors and different sponges and see what looks good to you?


Yes! What 2layz said