Can someone help with a question i have?


I was wondering…i just finished rooting my 2nd doll and did a whole head of hair. I started at the crown and the back of the head at the bottom, working up toward the crown. Then i knid of lost it. I had a nice head of hair in the back but then i didn’t quite know how to proceed from there. I eventually finished the doll but the hair has no rhymn or reason to it. Some of these dolls i see, their hair looks just so organized, i guess would be the word. Any suggestions to how to root properly would be appreciated. Also it seems like an awful lot of hair is wasted…is that normal too? Thank so much for your help!!


There are some tutorials on how to root and how to root sparsely and do a crown but I’ve come to the conclusion after 6 babies that it is a matter of practice. Each one gets better. Same with waste. I think it is just something that gradually gets easier just like the painting. Look at the tutorials and some of the babys that you like, start at the edges and work your way toward the crown from all sides. And realize that some of these babies are rooted by experts!


Thank you…that is actually comforting. I think sometimes we want to get real good overnight and that is just not reasonable. I will take my time and practice practice practice. Thanks for the hints to. I will check out some tutorials also.


Yup. I’m impatient with myself but if you get really frustrated just put that baby down and work on something else for a couple of days. I never great success starting at the crown.
You will learn what works best for you. I read the tutitorials but ultimately I do it my way.
I have severe, extreme arthritis in all of my joints do I had to adapt.
Please post pics!
I need help on how to cut a baby girls hair!
I suck o so bad at it! Lol


Rooting hair has always been my down fall. I know in my head how i want to root the hair sparsely but i winds up with a full head of hair. But i keep trying. I even tried the german needle and i hate them! Never can get them to root any hair. I use the pink pen to hold the needle and i like it alot.


This is one I thought was helpful


Don’t know if this will help. But when I first started I rooted the whole hairline first all the way around the head. Then came up on the sides then front and back for last. But it all comes down to what feels most comfortable to you. Practice and more practice is the bottom line.


I have finally gotten some good needles YEAH! I had such a mix up! I start always with my swirl, now that just drives me crazy. Then when it is established I got from the bottom of the head and work my way up and then sides up I try to make sure my hair is rooted in the way the swirl goes. Now that I think I might have the sparse rooting about right I have a custom order from someone who hates the sparse rooting! Geesh So even tho I will be pleasing my customer I have discovered unless it is exactly like “they” would do it do not post pictures. I make more veins and do them a bit darker and have been critized for it but several of my customers are teachers in EMS and they want to be able to see the veins in the correct places and easily so they can teach their student the location of them. So I do not post pics anymore. I am far from perfect but I am willing to share any knowledge with you and help in anyway I can. I have learned if you want the hair to stick up on your babies root with the needle at a 90 degree angle. I love babies whose hair does that. I am sure it is the bane of their mothers exsistance but I think it is so cute.


If you draw out section on the head–map it out…it really tends to work :0)


The quality of your mohair will make a difference in the amount of waste you have. Cheaper mohair is cheaper for a reason. You can tell because it looks more straw like and has a lot more waste.


Thank you every one… You girls are always so helpful!


I root from the middle and I know that there is more waste than rooting from the end. Both hairs go in but one tends to stay and the other breaks off. It doesn’t happen all the time. The angle of your needle makes a huge difference. I found it very important to map out a rooting pattern. I use a prisma pencil and lightly draw the pattern. I first determine where I want the center of the swirl to be. Then I visualize how the hair would naturally grow toward that swirl. I tend to root my front first, then the sides and back last. You will eventually find what works best for you.

This shows my general pattern. It was created on the computer so it’s not the greatest “drawing”.


So when you say you finally got “good needles”,… can you tell me what is considered good needles? and what is considered GOOD hair. I am having a problem rooting just one hair at a time. can any one help? !!!


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This is one I thought was helpful

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this rooting is INCREDIBLE!!!


I found the precious little baby dust tutorial that one of the ladies has already posted was really helpful. I now root up the sides and bottom of the head hen I like to root in a spiral so I know where I want my hair to go. and then I continue rooting into the direction of the spiral. I find I get the best results for a spiral that way.
But defiantly check out that tutorial it is good for understanding where the hair should go.