Can someone help me - answer -tngu mohair for sale

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Go to the spy glass in the upper right corner and type in “tngu mohair for sale” and the topic will pop up.

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This is because there is no category set for this topic. One you’ve selected a category, you will be able to reply to the topic.

Thank you! That seems to be a forum fault" that needs to be handled by your tech people so that a topic cannot be posted without a category. I see you “fixed” all the others!

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Yes, The technical support has already been notified and working on this issue.

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You will now get this pop-up message if there is no category set for a new topic. This will eliminate any topics being created without selecting a category, therefore, not being to REPLY to a topic created that does not have specific category defined causing it to automatically fall into ‘UNCATEGORIZED’ where there is no REPLY option.

Perfect! NOW - can you get them to come up with a “member list” that is alphabetical and can also be looked at by the number of posts made? I don’t know that I can actually find any member lists since the way to find them previously was by looking at “badges” and that is no longer an available option since badges are no longer shown?

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