Can someone explain this to me?


I sent a message asking for certain if it was a blank kit or finished. I also asked if they had any pictures of their own original work. I havent heard back yet. hmm :roll_eyes:


That looks like a scam… But one that’s automatically generated or something, cause that’s not even a silicone doll…


This looks like a China copy of Emilia by Ping Lau, or an original photo that doesn’t belong to them. The location says Beijing, China. They sometimes call them silicone vinyl even though there’s no such thing.


It’s from China and there’s no way that a reborn would be that cheap plus that photo is stolen (not their original work)…that’s a scam! It’s fraud! Stay away! I’m not saying every reborn from China is a scam, but in general…it’s usually a scam and that for sure is a scam!


That’s very low feedback…beware.!!
I always check the feedback…from China, the good ones are usually way up there. :arrow_up:
I got caught with a couple of cosmetic bags. They never arrived and the seller closed shop quickly. Money lost. :disappointed_relieved::unamused:


Did you check their feedback?


Don’t worry, I already have her. I actually bought her from an artist awhile back. :relieved:That’s why she caught my eye. Definately suspicious. They have a few more expensive kits and I asked on another one if the kit was blank or finished. Then I asked if they had pics of their own work. No response. That was the first time I came across a listing like that. Not just a knock off kit but a completed reborn for about 1/2 the price of a blank kit. What a deal! :wink:


Can you email the link and seller info to Irresistibles. There are lists being made as well of the fake sellers…


Will do.


@jlesser-all done.


I do not even look at dolls from China I just assume they are stolen sculpts that I want no part off. :wink:


What got me are the “finished kits” for that price. Pretty brazen I think. I have never seen those kits copied before. The reason this caught my eye is because I have this reborn and i absolutely love her. I’m cracking myself up, I’m trying to pose her and she won’t stay up-so I yell at her. Great now I talk to dolls. Then I look at her face and just start laughing. Trying out new hats.


She is super cute.


one by one, they are copying all the doll kits, in China. they also advertise as silicone vinyl (no such thing) and anything else, for keyword spamming, and ebay ignores it :frowning:


I wonder why eBay allows it. Are there just too many to monitor? Do they remove them when there’s a complaint?


I have reported them before but they were still there. They probably sell often and EBay does get 10 percent so maybe that is why they don’t really do anything.


Yes,it’s getting worse instead of better.Sometimes if i’m shopping on ebay or amazon, i check out aliexpress to compare prices-for certain things. I noticed the prices on there are pretty competitive. When I first came across the site it seemed to be much cheaper for certain items. I have bought some baby items-bottles etc.with no problems.Regarding the kits, there are many “new arrivals”


As long as she doesn’t start to talk back it should be all good. :joy:


eBay ignores it because they are all about the money. So annoying!