Can pre-blended paint be used the same as primary colors?

I have read using primary colors will
Help achieve different skin tones. I have pre-blended air dry paints, can I still use these as primary colors even though they are pre-blended? Or does it have to be basic red blue and yellow with no blending?

I’m still very new to this, any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

The primary colors of yellow, red and blue are needed for the primary method. It will darken your baby if you continue the rounds of color. I know that because I got one of mine too dark. :slight_smile: You can certainly try other than pure red, blue and yellow. See how it works out for you. I really don’t know.

I just paint with primary color families. Different shades of red, blue and yellow. Then I mix some other colors as well such as purple or sap green. It is all in what you want to do.

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Like @anjsmiles, I use different colors in the primary family. I consider, purple,orange and green as part of that method really . I also use brown. The colors to avoid is all the colors that has white in it,like pink for the skin tone. I use them sometime for my creases or blushing.