Can it be done

Hello, I’m new to the forum. Help…I have a Nod reborn, is there anyway I can open his eyes?

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Some artists did that , there is a risk of tear in the vinyl .

You can but it is very hard to make it look natural. There was the Blinkin kit that was the twin of Nod. Blinkin had open eyes.

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I have seen some pull it off on other kits, but it takes a lot of skill. I would not be able to do it. On this kit, which has a rock hard head, I wouldn’t even try it.

You could partially open them if you follow the first eyelid crease with a narrow X-acto blade then smooth the edges with acetone on a q-tip. If you open them all the way, he’ll have no eyelids and won’t look realistic. I opened Maggie’s eyes but she has good creases to do it.


You need to also remember that there will be no socket to hold the eyes like those designed for awake kits.

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Yeah, that part was tricky.