Can I see your Ben by Jessica Schenk?

I just ordered this kit. It has been a while since I created a baby. I have been busy with my toddler son. He was diagnoised with Autism and the therapies and doctors appointments have kept me busy that I dont have the time or energy to make my babies. I have been really missing painting and my husband said I should start painting again even if I don’t paint as long as I use to everyday. So I went ahead and ordered Ben. I never realized how cute he was! I am excited to reborn him. I would really like to see some Ben’s if you would like to share. … =1&theater
My Ben as twins.

Just got my Ben in the mail. He’s alot bigger then I expected for a 20 inch baby. Sera and Sam are 20 inches and are much tinier looking. Hes still cute though

Oldie but goodie!
I had to dig around for a bit but I found my Ben, he was the 5th doll I made… and boy does he have some shiny, luscious lips, lol.