Can I seal a rooted head with E600?

I just finished rooting my reborn toddler, and now I need to seal her hair. The only kind of glue that I have is E600, though. Will that glue work?

It will work, but I stopped using it. I stopped because I noticed it was pulling the hair inside the head when I was spreading it around, My baby was going bald. Another reason I stopped is because it has a bad oder that stays for a while. I now use gem-tac or alleens glue it’s water proof and dries fast and clear. Some others may use mod podge.

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I stopped using E6000 for the same reason as Dee.

Ok, then I probably won’t use that. I just remembered that I sill have some tacky glue left, would that work better?

It may work, I’ve never used it. Maybe you can just test a small to see if it pulls the hair through. I’m not sure if it’s waterproof or not , you’ll want to check on that.

The Tacky Glue will hold the hair but it’s not waterproof. The OK To Wash It is and it’s not as thick as the tacky glue so it’s easier to spread.

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I wouldn’t use it if it’s not waterproof

Ok! I tested it on an area in the head and it worked! It did not pull too much hair out, but it did pull out a little. I know it is not waterproof, but she is a toddler, and I wont be wetting here hair often at all.