Can I Paint A Layer of Skin Tone Paint After Creases Without Baking

I painted creases yesterday and don’t feel like baking today. The tutorial calls for baking. I also did the blushing.

Will a layer of skin tone paint (GHSP) remove the blush? I don’t feel like seeing Amelia’s face changing shape again as well. I think her head vynil was too soft from the beginning. I do stuff the head and boy plate when I bake them.

I would bake before putting skin layer

What temp are you baking at? Do you sit the head upright?


265 degrees for exactly 8 minutes. I can’t put it upright as I only have one extender ring. I struggled to find it as it is not sold in South Africa.
I change her sides halfway through the baking.
I can either put her facing up, down or her sights. That way the lid is far from the vynil.

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Do you wait for your oven to reach 265 before you start to time the baking? If you do that, you don’t need too. Put your parts into a cold oven, and cook it for 8 minutes as long as your temp is reaching 265 it will be ok. It only needs to be at the 265 temp for a couple of minutes. Maybe if your parts are at 265 for the full 8 minutes, it’s too much making your vinyl way too soft.


@lynn, no I put them straight from while it’s cold and I always wait in between for the parts to cool a bit before I take them out.
I take out the head quicker though to avoid it misshaping.

But I’m sad now yesterday the left cheek developed a scar-like dents. My husband says it looks like my doll was in a knife fight🙈. I think it was the cloth creases I line the stove with. I’ve never had any issues with the cloth but I think since I washed it for the first time it hardened a little bit.

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Oh no, that stinks. So sorry that happened.

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It makes it look like the baby just woke up and still has marks from the sheet. :heart_eyes:

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True. :grin::heart_eyes: