Can glued in hair be removed?


I am trying to remove the hair from a doll that I made a while ago so its all glued in. It is alpaca that looked like a fur ball on the dolls head.

Is it possible to get it out?
Thanks Debi




What kind of glue did you use?


E-6000. made to withstand a nuclear war.


From what I read somewhere, if you can get an edge up, it supposedly will peel off.


I tried it and I am slowly peeling the glue out of the head and the bits of hair seem to be coming out through the inside.

I went looking for answers and I read hot wax, nair, 1/2 bleach 1/2 water melts the hair off. Dont know if iLL have to go that far yet.

Ok if I pour hot water into the head to close the holes or will baking it be enough?


Debi, for e-6000 rubbing alcohol will dissolve the glue, works really well, used it to clean a brush.