Can eyes bake?


Do we need to take eyes out before baking? Wyn has a Honey with her eyes in, but she needs to bake prisma hair.


Yeah, they can bake up to 250* Fahrenheit. Just keep an eye on the baby while baking


It depends on the type of eyes. What kind of eyes do you have? I know BB’s acrylic eyes can be baked. You may be able to fnd out in a search as this has been discussed before. I want to say Pabol eyes can’t be baked but I’m just going by memory.


@Blissfulbabies… ? Are the eyes I got from you BB? Can I bake them? They’re not glued in, but they were a huge pain to get in! Lol Thanks everybody!!


Plastic eyes can be baked up to a certain temp (I wouldn’t do it) I forget what that temp is though. However they can also blister, glass might get too hot and melt your vinyl. To be safe and not screw up your eyes—I would take them out if it was me.


As long as you are not using the flexible soft glass eyes, you can bake them. I have always done it and had no problems whatsoever. I have used various kinds of plastic and glass eyes, all with no ill effects.


Thanks everyone! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


What happens to the soft eyes if they get too hot?


If they are the soft “glass”, they shouldn’t be baked. They might warp or cloud up.