Can anyone tell me which kit this is?


I misplaced the documentation for this kit. Can anyone tell me which kit this is and who did it? Thank you, Joanie


Can you show more pics? Like the limbs, ears, etc?

Does the neck have anything on it?


It looks a lot like Teddi by Marita Winters.


Nevermind no it doesnt i dont know my kits obviously haha!!


You cracked me up! :wink: :smile:


The back of the neck says MW and then under it, it says HX 214 8 or B. Here is the ear. I don’t know which legs go with this kit until I know who the kit is. I am not usually this disorganized. This was the kit I was working on when my mother passed away and I didn’t have the heart to keep on reborning until recently. Thank you for any help you can give.


Haha! Sleep deprivation does it to ya! I have a sick baby on my hands. I know ive seen this kit somewhere though i know its a Marita Winters kit i can guarantee that…i think… Who knows with me right now lol! :laughing:


Sorry to hear about your baby. Hope your little one gets better soon. The fact that you think it is Marita Winters helps me very much. You may have put me on a great clue. Thank you… Joanie


Is it a newer kit? Like out last year?


Maybe Tavi?


Zinny winters. I sold one that I will regret to my dying day.


Here is a link to the SOLD OUT Zinny


Im about 90% sure its Zinny by Marita i did some research for you and that’s the closest one i could find. And thank you so much! :heart:


Well i typed to slow haha sorry :slight_smile:


Thanks to all of y’all. You are wonderful!!! Joanie


Yep thats its and i had forgotten about this kit … I know i bought one and it was going to be for me I had forgotten all about it until looking at this … and have not seen it in my stash …hmmm