Can anyone tell me how to make a modified pacifier?


Hi everyone I need help in making a pacifier for an open mouth doll. I tried cut part of the nipple off and fitting it in her mouth on several different types of paci’s and they won’t stay well. Is there something else i can try like putty and where might I find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Lisa~Chubby Cherubs Nursery~


some glue a magnet inside the head at the mouth, then cut the nipple off the paci glue a magnet on the paci then cover with felt to cover magnet on paci. Hope this helps.



The magnetic type paci didn’t work on this doll so I was trying to figure out another way to tell my buyer she could make one like maybe with craft putty but didn’t know if anyone had luck with this or if it would hurt the lips in anyway!
thanks a lot
Lisa~Chubby Cherubs Nursery~


Is it an open mouthed baby like Cozy? You might try snipping the silicone nipple then squeezing it together and sealing it again with silicone caulking? I’ve haven’t tried this, but it sound like it might work - if it works, the nipple will be a small wedge that should fit…let me know if you try it and it works?

Just thinking out loud!


For my open mouth baby i put a magnet inside the head and the i got the square magnet from B.B… sniped just a bit of the nipple and pushed the square magnet with the width way across as far as it would go. Since this was for my personal doll i didnt seal it so i could use thesame magnet in other paci’s to match his outfits. If you need to seal it i would use silicone glue but let it sit to dry for 24 hrs. But again be cautious if sending this type to someone for what works for me might not be good for someone else.


i am having the same issue with Cozy right now. I cut the nipple off and still have a stump. I can get it in if i squeeze his cheeks a little and it stays, but I don’t know if a buyer would be satisfied with that. Hoping someone else has a suggestion.


I did the same thing as littlebabies 480 on a paci for the monkey. I glued the magnet inside the head on the bottom lip area and then the magnet inside the nipple. That way the nipple hides the magnet and it stays in place with the nipple showing in the open mouth.


After cutting the nipple off, leaving enough to go inside the mouth, then squeeze the top and bottom of the nipple together and cut a diagonal strip on both sides so that the part going into the mouth is narrower and the part near the paci is wider. The part you cut out will be v shaped on both sides. I hope this makes sense.


what I do is take a magnet and drop it in the head - then take the other magnet and put it on the bottom of the lip on the outside of the face - the two magnets “meet” - sometimes I’ve had to do it under the nose. I have always use duct tape to secure my magnets inside of the head once I like how they meet. I have never once had the magnets moved from inside the head. anyways, I then take a pacifier with the nipple cut off - and place it over the magnet on the babies lower lip chin or below the nose (depending on the fit) to see if it looks okay. once I’m certain it will work - I put hot glue on the suitable area of the pacifier and put the magnet on. It almost always works - even though the pacifier has a magnet placed low on the pacifier - I just tell the buyer that is so the babies paci will work - b/c of the open mouth. You may have to use a bigger pacifier - but if the buyer really wants the open mouth baby to have one - then they won’t care about the pacifier. I did sofie a couple times and she has her mouth wide open - and I managed to place her pacifer by using a magnet insider her head on her chin. hope this helps