Can anyone help please UPDATED

wish i could help!!!
who did you purchase the hair from on ebay?

we get most of our mohair from Diamond Desert. She now sell 1/4 oz for those small babies. It ships out of Las Vegas, Nevada, US … idZ2QQtZkm

Sugargliderus has the best mohair to me. You can pm her or go to members list and send her an email. She has a lot of good feedback too.
Also. BB has Ruby Red mohair. It’s pretty good also and you get it fast.

not tried this seller myself but have heard good things about this mohair: … ksid=p4340

You need to contact sugargliders. She is a very reputable member of the forum. Carolyn’s mohair is wonderful, the best I have used. Her prices are very reasonable, too. I love her wavy/straight, and she does sell the longer mohair when available.

Diamond Desert has some awesome hair.

Well isnt that a crock!! Sorry that happened to you