Can Americana Soft-Touch Varnish be used without cornstarch?


Last night I sealed the hair and obviously didn’t mix cornstarch well, so the hair ended up with small white specks like dandruff, not terribly noticeable, but enough for me to know that it’s there. I tried to remove it with Gamsol by gently rubbing it off with no success (good varnish tho!) . So I repainted the hair on top of the varnish again.
But now I am just afraid to repeat that experience again, So can Americana Soft-Touch Varnish be used without cornstarch or it will be too shiny?
Another point for Americana Soft-Touch Varnish - it took the bake well!


I dont remember… I always add a pinch of corn starch.
If I were you I would try it on a part of it… let it dry and see if you like it.


You can use the soft touch varnish without cornstarch. Apply it thinly with a soft brush and blot it with a dry cosmetic sponge. Pouncing can make it rough. It may have a very slight sheen but shouldn’t be shiny.How much cornstarch did you add?


@jeanhai add a very small pinch without measuring for a half teaspoon of varnish since it was small mini-fairy head. Even that amount of varnish was planty and most of it left unused. I’ll try it next time without cornstarch.
I didn’t dissolve it in the distilled water tho, as I didn’t have it. Just added directly to the varnish. That probably was a mistake. Or I should let it sit a little longer and let it to dissolve there. But I think I heard on this forum that not everyone dissolve cornstarch in the water. Maybe it’s just my imagination…
Anyway, on the positive side - I’ve got a new experience, on the negative side - with a new paint layer Twinkle’s hair is darker now and he looks less than my grandbaby. Still very cute, tho.


I dissolve in water first. It keeps it from getting lumpy. Kind of like how you add cold water to cornstarch before you add it to gravy. You can use the varnish without cornstarch but then there is a little more sheen. This middle baby is without the cornstarch. The one on the right is with the cornstarch added.


Does the corn starch being added to the varnish ever go bad on the doll?


Never have had it go bad but you can add a little Diatomaceous earth to it if you wish and that acts as a preservative. Just replace half of the corn starch you use with it. Melt it all in distilled water first according to my recipe or else you will have the issues the lady above did.


Some artists dissolve the corn starch in a little bit of water before adding it to the varnish, I believe.


Ok thanks! :slight_smile:


I used it without but it’s very shiny which should be ok on hair.


You have to stir the soft touch varnish often. I stir before I start the head and before each of the other parts.


I used to use the soft touch without the matting powder or cornstarch and after a couple weeks the babies go shiny. I use dry matting powder but I use a brush and make sure there are no lumps but you might try mixing cornstarch with water. I use it dry because Im lazy and it works for me with no problems and its what Ive been doing so, creature of habit I suppose :wink:


It’s ok. he just got more and darker hair now AND a new jacket :slight_smile:


He is adorable!


I would like to know further about what you are using and how you apply it? Is it permanent?


I use Golden polymer matte with a bit of super matte and then some matting powder, I have some from Once so Real and some from Mac’s. Once I run out of that Im just going to go back to using cornstarch. I do my second coat with Americana soft touch and matting powder. Its pretty permanent because the last baby I tried to strip took me a week and that using acetone…it took about an hour just getting through the varnish on each limb…never again! LOL

I mainly uses brushes to apply my varnish…I do use sponges for the first coat but then make it even with cheap kabuki brushes.


I heard a tip when using flour or cornstarch for cooking. If you get lumps when mixing water and flour/cornstarch add a pinch of salt-no lumps! Maybe that’s what happened with the matt varnish. wonder if you mix with a little water first-with a touch of salt then blend with varnish???


Ok I think I misunderstood what you were saying about using dry matting powder. I thought you were somehow brushing on some dry powder over wet varnish.


I do not at all recommend salt on dolls. I think it is too grainy and would not work. If you get a powdery looking spot of cornstarch on your vinyl first try to rub it off with a damp wedge or Qtip. If that does not work, then rub some straight Soft Touch Varnish over it and that should dissolve it and make it not powdery looking.


Awesome hair!!!