Buying to resell :(?


I am sorry to be complaining…again!
But, I have had my last 3 dolls sold to re-sellers It’s not so much that they are trying to get more money- even though they are trying to get DOUBLE!
I didn’t even reborn 2 of them, they were purchases!
(that I HAD to sell to afford my own kits!! lol)

It’s hard enough to part with them, and to decide which goes, and which stays
and then you put your heart and soul into making them, only to have someone buy them in ‘bulk’ to resell
just makes me frustrated!!!
Make your own!!!
I understand if you buy it and it is not what you are looking for…we’ve all been there!
The one buyer puts the dolls up the day she gets them, from any seller, so I know it’s not just mine and I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do feel a tad violated by it!!

Maybe I am being too dramatic!!!
I just think it stinks!


Well good grief! I never thought about anyone doing this. I am not ebay enough.


Yeah, that would be frustrating!


Watch what they sell for and start your bidding off higher next time. Are they a well known seller? Maybe you should tell us who to watch out for. I think…or I’ve heard…that ebay gives you the right to block bidders or remove their bids. Anyone know for sure?


yes, you can create a block list!


Thank you so much for the advice…
I will have to look into that!


Lots of those on EBay.


You might also consider signing your dolls so at least you get the credit for the artistic value and the buyer will be able to recognize that the seller did not create the doll. It would be like someone with an online store buying from the artists to resell.

At the casino where I work, the gift shop buys handmade fancy purses and then re-sells them for I’m sure a much higher price. That sound like what happened here – only a virtual/online store.


That’s a good idea!
I was also thinking about including a label inside the doe suede body
Do you know what would I sign the body with?
Also, does anyone know where I would be able to buy those larger sew on labels?


I feel for you. It would bother me also to have someone do that to me. The wonderful members here have given some good advice on how to deal with this. I have often said, the ladies on this forum are so good with their generosity to help out. This is a wonderful forum and I have to give a shout out to BB too. Here is the link to the bloc list portion on ebay. Hope these suggestion will be helpful.

Block bidders here … ement.html


I dont think you are being dramatic- it is upsetting. I would be upset too. After all that hard work for someone else to just be monetarily profiting off of it, it is a little disheartening.


I appreciate all of the help!
I did block one bidder-
I have to find the exact spelling of the user id for the other one-
I will be putting those labels on the bodies, I am inquiring about buying them as we speak-
I really appreciate all of you!
Thank you for being so kind, and taking the time to respond!


Did you find a good place to buy them?


I am working on it!
I have some possible leads on Etsy!!!
I will keep you posted…thanks!


I sign all my bodies and interior neck flange as well as Date and number for this very reason. I dont sell to resellers but if one falls through the cracks I want to make damn sure they aren’t selling my work as their own.


I don’t know if using a sew on patch is a good idea. It could be taken off.
I have seen several babies that the reborner has used a black permanent marker and signed the body of the baby - a big signature-- on the back-- along with any other information you want to add… date, protype # etc.
The other I have seen is that this reborner signs her/his name behind one of the ears or behind the neck.


I thought about that-
I found someone on ETSy who makes personalized rubber stamps-
if I use fabric ink I would only have to buy the stamp and fill in the year each year!
I might try that first!


I have seen some embroidery their nursery name on their bodies.


Signing behind the ear made me cringe! I have a hard enough time when BB stamps BOUNTIFUL BBABY at the base of the head instead of the flange!


I have a lady that did that too - I saw my dolls on ebay - a set of twins. She did not say she did them - but she did not say she did not. They were a couple of the very first babies I did and so I was glad she didn’t mention me - they were kind of scraggly headed and the heads were so big that I emailed BB and vented at how the reason they did a buy one get one free was b/c the heads were too big. lol. AFter they sold for a good price - I emailed and apologized (they do have big heads). I have heard of other people / artist have this happen - and I know it has to be frustrating - especially if the buyer is really going all out on the listing and marketing - photographs - b/c the babies that have the seller listings - really generate interest - but that too takes tremendous amount of time.

I have done really well blushing kits and selling them with their respective body and eyes - that way someone else finishes them and I make money and stay busy finishing my custom babies.