Buyer is asking to take a payment by certified check. Should I accept it?


Buyer is asking to take a payment by certified check. Should I accept it?

Thank you for your advice.




From Reborns dot com?




Ignorant here. Is a certified check a money order?


Is she talking about a “cashiers check”? Be careful.


I only accept Paypal, nothing else.


I take PayPal, postal money orders (only postal) and Walmart to Walmart.


Thank you, everybody. I’ll reply that I only accept PayPal.


A certified check is very safe, it means the bank has the money before issuing the check.


I know that on craigs list they warn you about certified checks. It is easy to issue you a certified check and it will clear your bank but when it gets to the issuing bank is when they find out it is no good and you are then responsible to pay your bank back. I tried to sell a couple of large items on craigs list and this was the method of payment offered by would be buyers which I refused. I would be too leary of taking anything on reborns except as jeanhai said above.


I didn’t know about this but I know when buying a car or putting a down payment on a house they ask for a certified check. I always use PayPal as well and would not want to mess with checks but if I did I would not send the baby until the check cleared. It does seem strange that someone would want to buy a baby with a certified check though.


I just took a certified check. I didn’t have any problems with it. It’s certified, it’s safe.


I second this. I never send anything I sold until the payment clears by one method or another. Even when I sold a doll to Macrobaby, I called PayPal and spoke to a representative to make sure that their money was good before sending the doll


Certified checks are good. Some people just dont have a PayPal account (I for one do not have a PayPal account). It would be nice of people would take another form of trusted payment for those of us who dont have a PayPal account.


You can still pay with a debit or credit card through PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Or just make a PayPal account, it’s quite easy :slight_smile:

It’s not a good idea to take payments outside PayPal because it’s the only place that offers protection for both the buyer and the seller. If you pay someone with a certified cheque and they don’t ship the doll, you have no way to get a refund, unless you can manage to stop the cheque. If a buyer manages to stop the cheque after the seller has shipped the doll, the seller has no way to protect themselves and they’re out the money and the doll.

PayPal (most of the time) refunds the buyer’s money if the seller never ships the doll, and (again, most of the time) stops a buyer from getting a refund when they don’t deserve it. PayPal isn’t a perfect system either, and does at times side with the wrong person, but it gives you more recourse than a bank does.


Sorry I am so naive about PayPal. Are you saying that I can pay through PayPal with a regular credit card?


Yes, you do not have to have an account you can just use your debit or credit card.


@Ruth Yes, I do it all the time. You can even link gift card with account # to the PayPal.


I take personal checks, just wait till they clear, to send the doll home. In 12 years, never had a bad check (or money order)