Business cards


does anyone on here make business cards? another member was going to make me some a few months back but i guess she forgot!


I don’t make them but I do order from vista print…you can get 250 free ones and they have lots to choose from.


If you have a printer you can make your own, it is very easy. You buy the cards in sheets. Go to Avery and you can make up the card with your info,and even a graphic. I just printed a bunch to take to the doll show with me on Sat.


I make my own also out of cardstock paper and put a picture of one of my reborns on it with my info.


I make my own, using linen cardstock. My logo is on the front (same as what is in my siggy) and contact info is on the back with the same background! I love how they turned out. To cut them out, I just went to Kinkos and used their paper cutter - works better and is much faster!!!

I have tried to use the Avery business cards, but can never get them to print out correctly - so that is why I ended just making my own.

#6 has neat ones-- regular or small and you can upload pics to use. allows you to make your own book!


I order mine from 1-2-3 PRINT and you can upload your own photos to your card (customizing it).