Bundled up and Ready to Go!

Here is baby Molly all bundled up and ready to go! I had to lay her kinda crossways with her head and body flat in the box with her legs up one corner. I think she will be fine though. She has padding under her legs and all around. Now just hoping her new mommy likes her!



I am sure she will love her !! Good luck with your sale !!

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Nicely packaged. Best wishes. I’m sure mommy will be happy.

Very pretty, Mandy!

Thanks! I also included a thank you note.

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Her mommy will LOVE HER!

Now you just have to wait for feedback and your nerves will settle down.

Now get to work on your next one so you won’t fret and miss this one. i’m so happy for your successful sale and i know her mommy will love her to death.

I am working on Corbin but haven t had time all week because of school and work LOL. I need a break so bad … spring break is next week but I still have stuff to do.


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