Budget baby


Intentionally making a budget baby is hard! It’s my natural tendency to paint normally. This kit is not cute, has mysterious yellow spots inside the nose, and I am trying a new painting technique. All those factors made me want to make her a budget baby. It’s just so hard to curb my impulses to spend too much time on details. :upside_down_face:


I know all about that! Lol


I stayed up until 4 am drawing hair on a baby that is really messed up. Lol. I did it over and over and over. Finally, I was like, what am I doing!?!
I’m just such a perfectionist and like to do things to a certain standard no matter what it is I’m doing.
I guess it’s not a bad thing. But at times it can be exhausting!


I’ve spent just as much time if not more on the babes with “problems” No matter how much I’m making off of it, I still want it to be the best I can do. Don’t want my “cheaper” work out there making me look bad I guess…


I debated this as well. I do this as a hobby, so I figured that if I clearly state that this baby was intentionally created as a budget baby it won’t cramp my sales too badly. She was always going to be a budget baby, even before the yellow spots. Her paint job is by no means bad or lacking in quality - I just cut out some mottling steps and only creased the major ones. She has Eyeco eyes, less weight, and will only come with a white onsie and putty paci. She will also have a store bought blanket instead of a hand-edged one. I haven’t decided whether or not to root her.


I got you now, I guess that does make sense. As long as they know it wasn’t supposed to be your best work.
I don’t know how fast you root, but I don’t think I could do it for a budget baby lol. It’s so time consuming and painful :persevere:


I actually can root fairly quickly with Ruby Red, which is what this baby will get if bald doesn’t seem to sell.


Well go you!! I CAN root quick too… But mine would look just like that, like I did it quick!! :laughing: As long as it looks decent and doesn’t take too much time, I would say go for it.