Bubble in the vinyl?

Started Presley’s prep bath and noticed on his right ear towards the top is a bubble in his vinyl. Very thin to almost opening. I am pretty sure it won’t be a issue once painted but I have never had a kit with a bubble so thought I would ask here. Hopefully the photos pick it up well enough. Still absolutely love this kit. He has such a sweet face!

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Do you use air dry paint? If you use Genesis and bake it’s likely to ‘blow out’. Be careful. Good luck.

Luckily I use art and magic waterborne air dry! So I’m hoping it’ll work just fine!

You should be ok then. Hope it comes out ok for you.

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Have you asked about a replacement head?

No, I bought this from someone on FB. It was supposed to be a first quality kit but when the package arrived the bag says 2nd. Not much of a big deal to me especially if I can work around it. For what I paid and how long I’ve been after this kit, it could be worse lol

I buy mostly 2nds, and I have never had a problem with them, either. I was thinking you had purchased from BB. :slight_smile: